Alphind healthcare’s Vision for Whole Person Care

By Alphind healthcare

Alphind healthcare’s Vision for Whole Person Care

The world is ageing rapidly. By 2050, a staggering one in four people in Asia and the Pacific will surpass the age of 60, and the number of older persons in the region will triple from 2010 to 2050, nearing 1.3 billion.1

This influx will further strain already overburdened national and local resources, exacerbating the challenges faced by communities and families. It will also place significant pressure on individual economic and emotional well-being, highlighting the urgent need for proactive solutions.

Addressing the evolving health and wellness needs of an ageing population demands a profound shift from conventional, disease-centric, episodic care toward a personalised whole-person care approach.

Imagine a future where digital innovation empowers seniors to age gracefully in their own homes – supported, fulfilled, and safe. This vision is the core of Alphind healthcare’s mission to disrupt healthcare as we know it in favour of holistic Whole Person Care.

But the journey is just beginning. At Alphind healthcare, the mission is to tackle the systemic disconnects that have long hindered the execution of true Whole Person Care. By activating the wealth of health and wellness intelligence scattered across multiple disjointed ecosystems, Alphind healthcare aims to ensure a compassionate, personalised, and impactful healthcare experience for all.

How will Alphind healthcare enact such a disruptive change in the healthcare landscape?

At Alphind, we embrace the oath of “First, do no harm” as the guiding principle for our vision to transform conventional healthcare into an intelligent healthcare model. But it’s not about chasing “shiny object” innovation; it’s about initiating a profound mindset shift from data collection to holistic intelligence activation. Our mission is to drive this metamorphosis, harnessing pragmatic digital innovations to convert fragmented data into actionable insights that add recurring value across the Whole Person Care journey.

This transformation demands a fundamental reimagining of the healthcare landscape, transcending the traditional focus on illness to embrace a person-centered approach to wellness. By activating healthcare intelligence – digitally and operationally converging one’s beliefs with their physical, behavioral, environmental, and social determinants of health – we can provide individualised Whole Person Care, catering to the diverse needs of every participant in the healthcare ecosystem.

How does Alphind address the challenges facing seniors?

Today’s young seniors are vibrant, active, and well-educated, choosing to stay in their homes. They’re also tech-savvy, eagerly adopting tools to maintain their well-being outside the hospital.

While these seniors may take concomitant medications to manage chronic comorbidities and age-related challenges, they also take charge of their wellness. Equipped with an array of health-monitoring devices—from weight scales to pulse oximeters—they generate valuable insights that can trigger timely interventions that can keep them in their homes.

Activating healthcare intelligence can empower seniors to maintain their vitality and autonomy, avoiding institutional care. Yet falls, for example, still pose a significant risk.

Statistics show one in three seniors aged 65 and above experience falls annually, accounting for 40% of injury-related deaths. Falls not only jeopardise an individual’s health but also significantly affect their economic and emotional welfare. Post-fall hospitalisations escalate payor expenditures and intensify the strain on overburdened providers.

Enter Xealei™, our Motion Sensing Intelligence solution that operates seamlessly, privately, and unobtrusively, continuously monitoring for falls. With this innovative contactless technology, providers can respond swiftly and offer essential care, potentially reducing hospitalisations while providing peace of mind to seniors and their families.

The Device Care Intelligence in Xealei™ is just one aspect of Alphind’s Whole Person Care intelligence activation.

What makes Alphind healthcare unique?

From where we stand, it’s not just about our technology; that’s merely a means to an end. What sets us apart is a unique blend of focus, empathy, and pragmatism in elevating our healthcare vision to Whole Person Care Intelligence.

That vision is what compels us to address crucial gaps in health equity and to maximise the benefits we deliver to our clients, whether payers, providers, or individuals. We empathise with their healthcare experiences and envision ways to disrupt the current state for the better, through bold incremental changes. We believe this empathetic approach will be crucial as the lines between the parties in the healthcare ecosystem blur further.

That’s also where our pragmatism comes in. We equip our clients with the means to gain profound insights into individuals’ health and wellness, paving the way for truly predictive and preventive care strategies that provide lasting, cumulative value.

And we understand that we must give it time

The term “activating healthcare Intelligence” comes up with Alphind frequently. What does it mean? Why is it important?

Most healthcare companies think in terms of collecting and modernising data. But from our perspective, data isn’t fully utilised until it is enriched to predict, preempt, and prevent problems and to reevaluate the plan of care. At Alphind, we’re perpetually pursuing elevation of the intelligence trapped in that data, pervasively activating it to drive the meaningful change the industry demands.

Healthcare data is not just a CT scan, or a prescription, or a set of laboratory results; it’s the sum total of all the factors influencing wellness. Behavioural, social, environmental, and economic factors must all be considered part of the wellness equation. Activating healthcare intelligence gives you the insights and tools to understand what it all means and how that intelligence can be used to maintain physical and mental wellness.

How do we embark on this journey to Whole Person Care Intelligence?

We’re pioneering a transformative approach – The Alphind Way – to activating healthcare intelligence that is founded on three key pillars: Managed Care Intelligence, Device Care Intelligence, and Effective Care Intelligence.

Managed Care Intelligence centers on revolutionising claims adjudication within the Whole Person Care ecosystem, integrating person-centered social determinants of health and catering to the unique needs of employees, employers, and community organisations.

Device Care Intelligence, on the other hand, addresses critical health risks, including falls and seizures, among vulnerable populations. Our innovative Xealei™ solution serves as a silent yet vigilant guardian, offering invaluable support to residential care organisations, detox facilities, and ageing-in-place communities.

Effective Care Intelligence harnesses the power of data to calculate health and wellness scores, empowering all parties within the healthcare ecosystem with simply sophisticated solutions.

Together, these pillars form the foundation of Whole Person Care intelligence, generating enduring value for individuals, families, communities, payers, and providers alike.

How is Alphind positioning itself to support customers around the globe?

Healthcare practices vary worldwide in administration, delivery, and innovation. But forward-thinking companies increasingly recognise the value of interoperable and extensible solutions.

Our global headquarters is in the Southeastern United States – more specifically in Charlotte, North Carolina – and we operate a Center of Excellence focused on delivery in Chennai, India. This year, we’ll also open our APAC regional headquarters in Singapore.

What makes participation in Ageing Asia important to your team?

We’re excited to network with fellow innovators and thought leaders who are attacking ambitious challenges with the same enthusiasm and tenacity that we are. We expect to see many companies using passive and active systems to collect health and wellness information, and we see those organisations as potential partners, not competitors.

We’re calling like-minded collaborators to join our Whole Person Care Intelligence journey.

How can our readers connect with you to learn more?

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*Visit our booth number CE14-16 at the World Ageing Festival on Wednesday and Thursday, May 8 – 9.

*1 Asia Development Bank

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