Device Care Intelligence

Address critical health risks, including falls and seizures, among vulnerable populations with our proprietary Device Care Intelligence solutions:

Xealei™ Motion Sensing Intelligence

Vital Sign Device Care Intelligence
Xealei™ - Motion Sensing Intelligence
Contactless “Eyes-without-Eyes” solution that operates seamlessly, privately, and unobtrusively, continuously monitoring for falls. With this innovative technology, providers can respond swiftly and offer essential care, potentially reducing hospitalizations while providing peace of mind to seniors and their families.
Xealei™ - Motion Sensing Intelligence
Silent, “Always-On” solution fosters a sense of independence for individuals with impaired communication capabilities at risk for seizure. Caregivers can respond more quickly, reducing the risk of injury while eliminating the triggers of alarms or more restrictive monitoring devices.
Vital Sign Intelligence
Enable the delivery of proactive care and avoid hospitalization by collecting real-time intelligence from the devices patients use every day to manage their health and wellness.
Device Care Intelligence serves as a silent yet vigilant guardian, offering invaluable support to residential care organizations, detox facilities, and aging-in-place communities and laying the foundation for true Whole Person Care.

Empower Independence and Well-Being with Device Care Intelligence