Activating Whole Person Care Intelligence

It’s time to move beyond disease-focused healthcare to an intelligent, whole person health and wellness model.
What if healthcare was:

Focused on an individual's unique needs and wellness goals, not just their disease


Converging one’s beliefs with their physical, behavioral,
environmental, and social determinants of health


Harnessing digital innovation to convert fragmented data into actionable insights that add recurring value across the entire care journey

The Alphind Way

The Alphind Way is a transformative approach to activating healthcare intelligence that is founded on three key pillars: Managed Care Intelligence, Device Care Intelligence, and Effective Care Intelligence.

This is Whole Person Care.

Managed Care Intelligence

Managed Care Intelligence is designed to elevate and activate intelligence trapped in transaction-centered claims adjudication and siloed community-based SDoH services across the Whole Person Care ecosystem.

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Device Care Intelligence

Device Care Intelligence leverages data from wearables and devices to provide deeper insights into health, empowering more proactive care.

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Effective Care Intelligence

Revolei family of intelligence activation solutions are designed go beyond transactional, disease-centered care to Whole Person’s health and wellness.

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Whole Person Care Intelligence

Together, these pillars form the foundation of Whole Person Care intelligence, which generates enduring value for individuals, families, communities, payors, and providers alike.

Join us on the journey to activating Whole Person Care intelligence.

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