Activating Healthcare Intelligence

Our Purpose

It’s time to elevate healthcare from data collection to activating intelligence buried in massively disjointed, transactionally episodic data over time.

It’s time to elevate
abundant disruption to pragmatic service and technology innovation.

It’s time to
create whole person care value founded on empathy to patients, providers, and payers.

It’s a journey. You’re invited!


Managed Care Intelligence

Enhance the efficiency of reimbursement and claims adjudication processes. Our sophisticated claims management software identifies key areas of health concern by activating physical, behavioral, and mental patient care and device intelligence from multiple inputs. This enables payors to pinpoint health plan alternatives or supplements that align best with the patient's specific needs.

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Device Care Intelligence

Reduce risks, hospitalizations, and costs with Xealei™, our proprietary motion-sensing intelligence solution that proactively prevents falls and notifies providers of potential seizures, averting patient injuries. Our device care solutions also collect real-time intelligence from the everyday devices patients use to manage their health. These insights enable the delivery of proactive care to stabilize the patient’s condition - and avoid inpatient care.

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Effective Care Intelligence

Our innovative Whole Person Health Score transforms patient medical, social, environmental, and behavioral factors into a comprehensive health and wellness score. Payors and providers gain actionable insights, enabling them to proactively improve patient health and mitigate healthcare burdens. The Health Score empowers the creation of personalized care plans, fostering better patient health, boosting efficiency, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality care.

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Whole Person Care Intelligence

Whole Person Care Intelligence is a comprehensive approach to healthcare intelligence that considers all aspects of an individual's health and well-being. Activating advanced healthcare intelligence and insights from various sources provides a more complete and personalized picture of each patient's health profile, allowing a more holistic understanding of patients health status. This enables providers to deliver personalized, patient-centered care that considers the entirety of an individual's health and lifestyle.

The Alphind Way



Unlocking the power of intelligence transforms the entire healthcare system. Our innovative solutions bring the right healthcare insights to life, ensuring care is prompt and effective. This means better outcomes for everyone – patients, providers, and payors alike.



Smart thinking is wasted if it’s stuck in a jumble of disconnected systems. Our cutting-edge solutions play well with all sorts of healthcare systems, bringing together real-time data that helps manage risks, keeps costs in check, and boosts patient well-being.



Imagine a world where intelligence meets innovation. Our industry-changing solutions unlock profound insights into patient care that enhance operational efficiency and optimize healthcare revenue management, offering a more intuitive healthcare experience for all.

"Since inception, Morrow Valley Farmstead has been GHA’s innovation engine. While our teaming up with Alphind turned it to a global showcase of Digital Health of the future, we have begun planning to implement Xealei™ in all GHA’s residential sites"

Dawn Allen
Chief Executive Officer,
GHA Autism Supports

"We are so excited to partner with Alphind to improve quality and enhance whole person care with this innovative Activated Intelligence. Xealei™ will revolutionize healthcare and GHA is fortunate to be at the forefront of this transformation"

Janet Banks
Chief Learning Officer,
GHA Autism Supports

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